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Learn about the benefits of investing in multifamily real estate & get started on your journey with one of our professional advisors.

What Is Multifamily Real Estate?

Multifamily properties (Commonly known as Apartments) are real property assets that have multiple units and units are rented on an annual or semi-annual basis to tenants. Multifamily properties can be any number of stories based on the location and design of the area. Additionally single-family rental communities, referred to as Build to Rent (BTR), are single-family housing communities that function as a multi-family development with residents renting rather than owning the homes.

Key Differences between Multifamily & other Commercial Real Estate (CRE) sectors

Apartment market fundamentals are expected to remain positive. Demand is expected to expand and new supply is expected to subside, creating conditions for moderate rent and revenue growth in most locations.

Apartments provide a stable asset amid market fluctuations and inflation. Effectively managed properties in the correct locations remain partially insulated from inflation while residents reduce spending on unnecessary purchases while “discretionary Income”

Benefits of Investing in Multifamily Real Estate

Apartments are still under-weighted in institutional real estate portfolios.

Apartments have shorter leases than other property types, allowing them to adjust more quickly to changing market environments

Why Us?

The Falcon Capital Real Estate team takes a more holistic approach to the real estate market with experience as investors and real estate appraisers. We focus on a data driven approach to our decision-making process and concentrate on trying to buy assets in growing submarkets. Through our experience in the valuation of commercial real estate, Falcon Capital has a firm foundation in the value of an asset and can objectively recognize the proper cash flow, expenses and expense ratios for a property. What's important to us is that when you choose to invest with Falcon Capital, you can be confident in your investment decision because we are putting our money alongside yours, we've done a substantial amount of research, and we're making decisions objectively based on clear data and sub-market fundamentals, not what other participants in the space are doing.

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